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Eyebrow PMU Basic Course

Eyebrow PMU Basic Course

Eyebrow PMU Basic Course

Compreso nel prezzo del corso:

  • 1 scatola di aghi universali WIRON

  • ​1 pigmento LIPS Dermomedical

Dedicated to those who are starting the training course to become a professional in beautification micropigmentation. Dermomedical has developed its didactic protocols in monothematic modules to give the students the opportunity to learn and metabolize the news treated in the best possible way, thus eliminating the main problem for those who start, that is the acquisition of operational safety thus putting them in the ideal condition to work.

With this methodology you will be able to modulate your training over time, optimally planning the economic part.


Five days (four in the classroom + one online) to address all the arguments concerning the eyebrows:

  • health and hygiene protocol

  • hygienic requirements of the operator

  • hygienic requirements of the customer

  • hygienic requirements of the equipment

  • hygienic requirements of the accessories

  • consultancy with the client

  • informed consent

  • the structure of the skin

  • where the pigment is deposited and why

  • needle selection and adjustment

  • visagism applied to micropigmentation

  • proportions and symmetries of the face

  • eyebrow design

  • equipment

  • accessories (what you need to work professionally)

  • fundamental operational techniques

  • hair to hair technique (high definition technique to recreate a realistic effect

  • pixel effect gradient technique ("eyeshadow" effect that varies in intensity depending on the eyebrow)

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Corso Genova

20 -21 Aprile 2024


Giulia Giannini

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